“Inspiration for a Man Cave” is a book for men. I wrote it to encourage men to develop a daily personal time with God. The book contains 100 daily readings organized under five themes: building, fishing, boating, gardening, and cars. Each page contains a picture and comments on the theme and links this to biblical teaching, concluding with a Bible verse. The pictures and comments come out of my own experiences as a shed-builder, a recreational fisherman, a boater/sailor, a gardener, and a vehicle owner.

“Inspiration for a Man Cave” is also a book for leaders of Men’s Ministries. During my years as a pastor I found that while there were many resources in the church for children and youth and women, there was much less for men. This was my motive for writing this book. I wanted to provide a resource for church leaders to use in their ministry to men.

Since the sale of my first book on August 14, 2019 more than 630 copies have gone out to men across Canada. Some church leaders have taken advantage of special pricing for bulk orders and purchased books for every man in their Men’s Fellowship groups. Men (and women) have ordered them as gifts to friends and family members–brothers, uncles, fathers.

Please join me in helping men to get closer to God and become the spiritual leaders God wants them to be.